About Us

SwiftVEE (Livestock) is an agri-platform addressing water scarcity, food security and market efficiency for the livestock sector. It brings the agri-sector into industry 4.0. by offering substantial profit margins that facilitate sustainability and social impact. SwiftVEE has been recognised internationally for technology innovation and shortlisted as one of South Africa’s top 100 most innovative companies (TT100). Its solution provides intuitive data and analytics with capacity to scale globally. The agricultural technology for industry 4.0 has arrived.

SwiftVEE is a proudly South African solution for the global economy. As the world moves towards a digital reality the agricultural industry remains unchanged. Populations continue to rise which intensifies resource scarcity, food security and trade vulnerability. SwiftVEE provides technology to meet these challenges and enhance market efficiency. Through competitive innovation SwiftVEE ensures business is done better with higher profit margins and wider social impact.

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Meet the team.

Enkosi | Ngiyabonga

As we say in Africa: It takes a village to raise a child.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the people, institutions, and supporters who have enabled us to grow. From all corners of South Africa we have received investment, mentoring and wisdom which is the engine that drives us forward. Your generosity inspires us to maintain our standards of excellence. We know you are watching us along our journey.

As we say in Africa: It takes a village to raise a child.