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Webcast Advertising


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Webcast Advertising

About SwiftVEE Webcast Advertising

Advertise on the SwiftVEE platform during Live Webcast livestock auctions. Give your brand an engaged audience to make sure that they take note of what you have to offer.

The package includes fullscreen as well as rolling banner ads before, during and after the auction - which means you get the exposure your brand deserves.

Let SwiftVEE help you get your brand noticed.

About Webcast

Package Details

Webcast Package

Combined advertisements of all advertisers on message posters before and after auction.

Webcast Package

Full Screen Static and video advertisements during breaks in auction activity.

Webcast Package

Rolling banner advertisements at various times during the auctions.

Advertisement Requirements:

Full Page Static Advertisement:

16:9 Aspect Ratio Only | Minimum size of 1920px x 1080px

Full Page Video Advertisement:

16:9 Aspect Ratio Only | Minimum size of 1920px x 1080px | 12 second Runtime | No Soundtrack

Rolling Banner Advertisement:

384:25 Aspect Ratio Only | Minimum size of 1920px x 125px

Why SwiftVEE

SwiftVEE advertising is interactive and positions your brand better than print and traditional media.

Why Advertise on SwiftVEE

Instead of advertising to a small pool of buyers attending a physical auction, advertise online and reach thousands of buyers watching the same auction online.

Looking for the right audience? If your business offers online services and you’re looking to attract new online customers, the best audience to target is tech-savvy customers who already purchase livestock online.

COVID-19 has caused a mass-migration to online business - show that your company is ahead of the curve by embracing new ways to reach potential customers.

SwiftVEE buyers watch online auctions for the entire day providing a captive audience. This is more effective than traditional advertising where customers scroll through digital content or turn magazine pages in seconds.

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