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SwiftVEE provides an online bidding platform for your traditional auction in order for bidders to participate online from anywhere in the world. Your auction will be visible on our platform and potential bidders will be able to see information on the lots and register to bid online. We specialise in cattle, sheep, goat and game auctions.

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Included when you book an online auction with SwiftVEE:


SwiftVEE will use its wide network to digitally advertise your auction. Your auction information and catalogue will be available online and your auction advertisements will be shared across social media platforms. SwiftVEE will also promote your auction to our large database of livestock buyers.
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Your chosen livestock agent will assist SwiftVEE by approving trusted online bidders through the standard livestock registration process. SwiftVEE will not approve any bidder unless that instruction is received from the relevant livestock agent.
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The SwiftVEE team will provide technical assistance to online bidders during the registration process and the auction. We also provide a practice lot to new online bidders to familiarise themselves with the bidding process before the start of the auction.
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The SwiftVEE team will attend your physical auction to livestream the auction and enable online bidding.
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SwiftVEE has taken the livestock industry by storm.
We are the trusted and preferred platform to use by many registered livestock agencies and farmers.